Friday, October 8, 2010

Mix and Matching Yarn

 I met a gal at the Cleveland Clinic Farmer's Market last week that spotted a hat I had made...

 I often, well almost always, mix and match my yarn...  I start with one of my Hand Spun Alpaca Art Yarns and select other yarn based on the colors of that yarn.  The pattern I use over and over is Loving Georgia Lee Tyler by Christine Marie Way Tyler & John Wesley Tyler.

 I have made many, many shapes and sizes and colors and styles of hats using this pattern.  I can't say I always follow the pattern exactly, but instead pick up whatever size hook seems to fit the yarn I'm using and try it on frequently while I'm working for size!

The gal I met asked me to make her a set... so I have added Texting Mittens, also known as Twittens( I just learned) for toasty texting!! 

For these, I found a pattern for mittens, left off the thumbs and fingers, and crocheted an edge to finish them...

Crochet Hats, Mittens & ScarvesStitch Style Mittens: Twenty Fashion Knit and Crochet StylesAccessories Knit and Crochet Socks, Mittens, Scarves, Hats (Book No. 215)