Thursday, March 11, 2010


Aren't these just adorable?  I didn't make them so I can brag about them!  They are made out of recycled sweaters by a friend of mine who has fallen in love with alpacas.  I understand completely . . .

I'd like you to meet the Alpacababes!

 Cammy's favorite game is "hide and seek".  He is truly the best at hiding outside.  Keep your eye on Cammy who stands about 12" tall.

Happypants is just happy that's all!  Happypants stands about 12" tall.

Mato is a bright tomato red.  She is ripe for the pickin'.  And she's ready for fun.  She will have juicy stories to tell.  She stands about 12" tall.


Cashmere is soft and cuddly but was born with a big snout and it tends to get in the way...on the other hand Cashmere loves kisses and his snout is a perfect place to put your kisses.  He stands about 12" tall.

Freckles is so very proud of her spots.  So proud that she named them all!  Freckles stands about 12" tall.
Mr. Man is quiet and true.  He listens to everything you have to say before making any comment.  He is very laid back and you will feel calm just being with him.  Mr. Man stands about 12" tall.

Creamsicle is a delicious friend.  All she likes to do is cuddle and giggle.  That is all.  She stands about 12" tall.

Tweed is a proper English gentleman.  He is so polite, with a wit that will keep you on your toes.  Tweed stands about 12" tall.

Alpaca Meadows is headed to Best of the US Alpaca Show in Columbus, Ohio this weekend and taking the Alpacababes with me.  If I don't sell out at the show, I will list them on our website next week.  They will retail at $40.  If you just have to have one before then, contact me and we can make it happen!


  1. Those are just the cutest ever! And knowing the alpaca community, you will sell out in no time and be taking orders. Hope your friend is ready for that!!

  2. These are absolute "must haves" for alpaca lovers! I hold out no hope for any having come home with you but do hope you will sell the pattern. I have sweaters is repose looking forward to becoming alpacababe buddies! ADORABLE!