Friday, May 7, 2010

Prom Time


It is prom time in our neck of the woods and so that is the theme of this Treasury of favorite items I've chosen from some wonderful Etsy shops.  My middle son is a senior in high school so this will be his last prom, unless he comes home from college and goes with the next-door-neighbor like I did!  Five proms was my count, can't believe my mom let me go those first couple of years.

My daughter is 13, just informed me yesterday that her friend Ashley has a boyfriend. How could this be?  The worry begins.  Wish the girls still wore dresses like these . . .

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week's announcements, and on my FB page!

Dahlia Flower Picture by Shaded Memories 
Under The Sea by Nora Karen's Shop
Fantail BustleTutu by Perry Style
Sugar Star Earrings by BellEpoch's Shop
Teak Dreams by YOKNIT's Shop
Prom Paper Bag Scrapbook by LJs Originals' Shop
1960's Vintage Sage Green by Timeless Vixen Vintage's Shop
Dress Long Strapless by Lan01's Shop
Custom Order for Jen by Bethany Lorelle's Shop
Long Lake Surprise by CSchmauder Watercolor Shop
Summer Pinks by Little Owl Arts
Perfect 80's Prom Dress by Rogue Retro's Shop
Learning by MISMA's Shop
Pink Pearls Beaded Ring by Elma's Boxs Shop

A Promise to Remember


  1. You are so sweet to include me in your treasury. Everything is so beautiful! I love that yarn, great colors, it goes nicely with my scarf...

  2. Your prom selections are so beautiful! Thank you so much for including my photo! It really is an honor! :o)

  3. I'm voting for norakaren shoes off course!!
    thanks for featuring them

  4. Thank you so very much for including our Black and Red Fantail Bustle Tutu in your awesome treasury!
    We would like to vote for the Pink Pearl Ring!

    John and Kimber

  5. Love norakaren's Under the Sea pumps!

  6. Voting for Nora's spectacular "Under the Sea" shoes!

  7. Love it! There is no link for my dress though! I vote for it anyway! ROGUERETRO! Woohoo!

  8. The shoes by norakaren are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my scrapbook! Love your treasury features!

  10. I love the Perfect 80s prom dress.

  11. Hi and thankyou very much for adding my corsage bracelet. I tried to do a little something different for prom season this year. My store's name got a revamp to Lunetmoose (it's lunetmuse) but I kind of like it I am canadian after all. I actually would vote for Perry style's bustle it is something completely different and very reasonably priced. Congratulations on all the choices though I am happy to be with such a creative bunch of people.

  12. Love the paperbag scrapbook!

  13. Thank You..I love the collection.

  14. I would like to vote for null the timeless vixen dress. I love that look.

  15. Thank you so much for selecting one of my clutches, I vote for Rogue Retro.