Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Esmerelda Gives Birth

At about 9:30 am I checked our "Spring maternity ward", and all six soon-to-be-moms again were up grazing, no sign of anyone being in labor.

I got company about 10am, we watched the alpacas out the kitchen window for a few minutes, then sat down to visit.  At about 10:45am, I glanced out the window and saw a new cria, already up and walking and looking for something to eat!  That was fast, easy too!

 Our guard llama, Lacy Lady, sits nearby as is typical when there is a new baby.  

 Seeing Lacy sticking close to a pregnant female is a sure sign she is in labor. 

 Lacy stands watch until the baby is born.  Once she sees all is well, she goes on about her business.  It is uncanny how she knows and does her job.

Esmerelda was born on our farm and my daughter named her. 

The other alpacas are always curious and excited to meet the new kid.

Her mom is Duchess and her dad is the Prince of Ghiradelli.  Isn't he a handsome male?

Esmerelda had a hole in her heart when she was born and we were told she'd never be able to have babies.

At a visit to Ohio State University, we learned the hole had grown closed.

Now she is mother to three, first two boys, Eli and Ezra, and now a girl!  Maybe we'll call her Eliza . . .

And the daddy!

Here I Am!: Alpacas In America 

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