Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Birds

I love to hear the birds sing, beats an alarm in the morning, and I like to get up with the birds.  I don't always wake up when they do but I'm glad when I do, guess you have to be a morning person to appreciate that sentiment!


Little Green Bird Plate
by Joy Elizabeth Ceramics Shop
Love Birds by Little Vale
Hummingbird Topiary Flower by Middleburg's Shop
Mr. Black Capped Chickadee by Tracyemueller's Shop
Yellow Bird by Amber Alexander's Shop
Turquoise Fleur and Perched Sparrow Silver Earrings by Vintage and Glam's Shop
Red Bird by Carambatack's Shop
Vintage Crowned Bird Violets Forget Me Nots Music Sheet
by In My Cedar Chest's Shop

Fancy Chicken Girl in Pearls
by Middleburg's Shop

Golden Moss
by Fiberstory's Shop

Beaded Bird Pin
by Moloco's Shop

Pink Starling Dress
by Koolmono's Shop

Bird's Eye View
by Nestle and Soar's Shop
by Zime's Shop

Rustic Birdfeeder Birdhouse
by Bacon Square Farm
The Day When My Worries Flew Away
by Poco Loco Creativo's Shop

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week's announcements, and on my FB page!

Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring


  1. Hard to choose a favorite when they are all so terrific! I think I'd have to go for the "Bird's Eye View" pillow.

  2. What a wonderful collection of birds! My vote goes to Mr. Black Capped Chickadee, because he reminds me of English birds.

    Joy Elizabeth

  3. Thank you So Much for listing me in your items. How sweet and how beautiful everyone's things are. Thank you so much!!

  4. Is really hard choose only one!! I love Yellow Bird by Amber Alexander's Shop
    Thank you so much for including me in this nice selection!!

  5. My Favorite is Bird's Eye View by Nestle and Soar's Shop

    Reeally nice!
    Nice blog

  6. I vote for Multiply by Zime's Shop :)

  7. You have a lovely blog :) Pretty favourite is the rustic birdfeeder birdhouse. Thank you for including my love bird cake toppers!

  8. I vote for Multiply by Zime Shop :)