Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Blue Suede Shoes" Hand-Spun Alpaca Yarn

I don't know WHY I give my yarn names!  Any other hand-spinners out there that does this?  

 It just seems like something that's been done by hand, from birthing the baby to raising the alpaca, to skirting, sorting, tumbling, washing, dyeing, carding, spinning, plying, skeining, and washing again ...

 ... ought to have a name!

I usually name it the first thing that comes to mind . . .

In this case, it is "Blue Suede Shoes"!

Blue Suede Shoes (New Sound Remastered)adidas Originals Men's Campus 2 Suede Shoe,Navy/Run White,9 MBlue Suede Shoes - Original


  1. so beautiful! and I love the name!!!

  2. The blue yarn is so electrically gorgeous. I have come by colored Llama fleece and have begun spinning it. I was planning on using it au naturelle, but perhaps i can dye over the grey? any recommendations?

  3. Penelope,

    Yes, you can dye over grey, it will just be a darker shade than you would have if dyeing white. I use (and sell) Gaywool dyes and have been very happy with them. They come in many pretty colors and are safe and easy to use. If you are interested, click The Farm Store on my blog and then Dyes and Dye Kits or copy and paste http://www.alpacameadows.com/Results.asp?category=29.

    Thank you for your comment and have a great day!